Kawamura, Hiroshi (1996): Pleistocene planktonic foraminifera from Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 95, Site 613, New Jersey transect. 57 pp., georefid:1996-065712

Two main objectives of this study are: (1) to report the distribution of the Quaternary planktonic foraminifera at DSDP Site 613, (2) to correlate the Quaternary sediments at DSDP Site 604 with that at DSDP Site 613. DSDP Site 613 and Site 604 are located in the Baltimore Canyon Trough which is one of the most extensively studied area in the U.S Atlantic continental margin. The planktonic foraminiferal assemblage at DSDP Site 613 was dominated by "polar" to "transitional" species such as Neogloboquadrina pachyderma, Globigerina quinqueloba and Globorotalia inflata. Generally the percentage of polar species decrease upcore and that of subpolar species increase upcore. Chronostratigraphical correlation were made between DSDP Site 604 and Site 613 using foraminferal, sedimentological, palynological and geophysical data. The erosional surface at 84 m at Site 604 correlates with that at 119 m at Site 613 (Erosional-surface I) and the erosional surface at 105 m at Site 604 correlates with that at 145 m at Site 613 (Erosional-surface II). Climatostratigraphical correlation were made with 5 glacial interval recognized by McCarthy (1992) at DSDP Site 604. The planktonic foraminiferal data from the 2 sites shows that the stadial interval at 130 m at Site 613 correlate with that at 96 m at Site 604.
West: -72.3026 East: -72.3025 North: 38.4616 South: 38.4615
Expedition: 93
Site: 93-604
Expedition: 95
Site: 95-613
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