Danyushevskaya, A. I. (1989): Issledovaniya po organicheskoy geokhimii, vypolnennyye po mezhdunarodnomu proyektu glubokovodnogo bureniya Studies in the field of organic geochemistry conducted within the international Deep Sea Drilling Project. Publisher unknown, Moscow, USSR, In: Anonymous, Problemy neftegazonosnosti Mirovogo okeana Oil and gas potential of the world ocean, 224-239, georefid:1996-002865

Review of studies in organic geochemistry conducted within the DSDP Deep Sea Drilling Project is made. Analogy of the evolution of organic matter of masses exposed with deep drilling with sedimentary masses of the continents was revealed. This allows us to understand the transformation of individual organic compounds and the scale of oil and gas generation on the continental edges.
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