Bassinot, Franck C.; Labeyrie, Laurent D.; Vincent, Edith; Quidelleur, Xavier; Shackleton, Nicholas J.; Lancelot, Yves (1994): The astronomical theory of climate and the age of the Brunhes-Matuyama magnetic reversal. Elsevier, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 126 (1-3), 91-108, georefid:1994-047778

West: 73.5236 East: 73.5236 North: 5.0318 South: 5.0318
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DBT, Contrib. No. 696; Lab. Geol. Quat., Contrib. No. 94004; Cent. Faibles Radioact., Contrib. No. 1588; Inst. Phys. Globe Paris, Contrib. No. 1322
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