Ciesielski, P. F.; Hailwood, E. A.; Clement, B. M.; Hodell, D. A.; Crux, J. A.; Nocchi, M.; Ling, H. I.; Fenner, J.; Mueller, D. W. (1988): Calibration of Cenozoic paleomagnetic and microfossil stratigraphies of the northern and southern high latitudes. Alfred Wegener Conference, Bremen, Federal Republic of Germany, In: Anonymous, Geologic history of the polar oceans; Arctic versus Antarctic, 51-53, georefid:1994-026587

West: -80.0000 East: 20.0000 North: 80.0000 South: -60.0000
West: NaN East: NaN North: NaN South: NaN
West: NaN East: NaN North: NaN South: NaN
Expedition: 104
Expedition: 114
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