Whatley, Robin (1992): Aspects of the evolution of Cainozoic deep-sea Ostracoda in the Southwest Pacific. Servicio Nacional de Geologia y Mineria, Santiago de Chile, Chile, In: Tsuchi, Ryuichi (prefacer), Articulos correspondientes al Tercer simposio internacional sobre Eventos del Neogeno en el Pacifico Articles from the Third international symposium on Events of the Neogene in the Pacific, 19 (1), 113-127, georefid:1993-045372

The simple species diversity (both recorded and cumulative) of deep sea Ostracoda throughout the Cainozoic of the Southwest Pacific is shown to fluctuate considerably as does the level of originations and extinctions of species. The former exceed the latter throughout the Palaeocene and Eocene thus allowing diversity to build up to its acme in the middle Eocene where, in NP Zone 16 extinctions exceed originations for the first time. These events, the subsequent late Eocene/early Oligocene diversity crash followed by a recovery into the late Oligocene, and the diversity and evolutionary high low points of the Neogene and Quaternary, are discussed with reference to contemporary oceanic events and compared to circumstances in other oceans.
West: 152.1116 East: 166.1129 North: -.2955 South: -52.1326
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