Zhao, Meixun; Rosell, Antoni; Eglinton, Geoffrey (1993): Comparison of two U (super K) (sub 37) -sea surface temperature records for the last climatic cycle at ODP Site 658 from the sub-tropical Northeast Atlantic. Elsevier, Amsterdam, Netherlands, In: van Hinte, J. E. (editor), Guiot, J. (editor), Meulenkamp, J. E. (editor), Sarnthein, M. (editor), 200 ka of global change, 103 (1-2), 57-65, georefid:1993-038798

West: -18.3451 East: -18.3451 North: 20.4457 South: 20.4457
Expedition: 108
Site: 108-658
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Provider: SEDIS Publication Catalogue
Data set link: http://sedis.iodp.org/pub-catalogue/index.php?id=1993-038798 (c.f. for more detailed metadata)
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