Berner, Robert A.; Staudigel, Hubert; Hart, Stanley R.; Schmincke, Hans-Ulrich; Smith, Brian M. (1990): Cretaceous ocean crust at DSDP sites 417 and 418; carbon uptake from weathering vs. loss by magmatic outgassing; discussion and reply. Pergamon, Oxford, International, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 54 (10), 2889-2893, georefid:1991-012282

West: -80.0000 East: 20.0000 North: 75.0000 South: -60.0000
West: NaN East: NaN North: NaN South: NaN
Expedition: 102
Site: 102-418
Expedition: 51
Site: 51-417
Expedition: 52
Site: 52-417
Site: 52-418
Expedition: 53
Site: 53-418
Supplemental Information:
For reference to original see Staudigel, H., Hart, S. R., Schmincke, H. U. and Smith, B. M., Geochim. et Cosmochim. Acta, Vol. 53, p. 3091-3094, 1989
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