Whatley, Robin C.; Downing, S. E.; Kesler, K.; Harlow, C. J. (1986): The ostracod genus Poseidonamicus from the Cainozoic of D.S.D.P. sites in the S.W. Pacific. Empresa Nacional, Madrid, Spain, Revista Espanola de Micropaleontologia, 18 (3), 387-400, georefid:1989-044038

Of the nine species of Poseidonamicus Benson recorded in our study of 142 samples ranging in age from the Eocene to the Quaternary of D.S.D.P. sites in the South West Pacific two have been previously described (P. major, P. minor Benson), 6 are new and one is left in open nomenclature. The new species are P. anteropunctatus, P. ocularis, P. praenudus, P. punctatus, P. robustus and P. rudis.
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