LaBrecque, John L.; Hsue, Kenneth J.; Carman, Max F., Jr.; Karpoff, Anne-Marie; McKenzie, Judith A.; Percival, Stephan F., Jr.; Petersen, Nikolay P.; Pisciotto, Kenneth A.; Schreiber, Edward; Tauxe, Lisa; Tucker, Peter; Weissert, Helmut J.; Wright, Ramil (1983): DSDP Leg 73; contributions to Paleogene stratigraphy in nomenclature, chronology and sedimentation rates. Elsevier, Amsterdam, Netherlands, In: Briskin, Madeleine (editor), Marine and continental chronostratigraphy, paleoclimatology and paleomagnetism of the Cenozoic, 42 (1-2), 91-125, georefid:1985-039660

West: -11.1100 East: -11.1100 North: -25.3100 South: -25.3100
Expedition: 73
Site: 73-519
Site: 73-521
Site: 73-522
Site: 73-523
Site: 73-524
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Provider: SEDIS Publication Catalogue
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