Gottfried, M. D.; Doyle, P. S.; Riedel, W. R. (1984): Advances in ichthyolith stratigraphy of the Pacific Neogene and Oligocene. American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY, United States, Micropaleontology, 30 (1), 71-85, georefid:1984-049334

To improve the resolution of ichthyolith stratigraphy in the Pacific Neogene and Oligocene, 12 new taxa are described, and their ranges are determined in Giant Piston Core 3 and in 104 samples dated by means of calcareous microfossils. These new ichthyoliths increase by one-third the number of reliable ichthyolith stratigraphic events for the sequences studied. The stratigraphic utilization of these microfossils is improved by adaptation of a scheme which assesses the relative reliability of earliest and latest occurrence data in correlated sequences. This procedure allows for less subjective decisions regarding the stratigraphic dependability of individual forms and provides a basis for choosing between conflicting correlation lines.
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