Morrison, S.; Sarna-Wojcicki, A. (1981): Time equivalent bay and outer shelf faunas of the Neogene Humboldt Basin, California and correlation to the North Pacific microfossil zones of DSDP 173. Osaka Mus. Nat. Hist., Osaka, Japan, In: Ikebe, Nobuo (editor), Chiji, Manzo (editor), Tsuchi, Ryuichi (editor), Morozumi, Yoshiro (editor), Kawata, Tokiko (editor), Proceedings of IGCP-114 international workshop on Pacific Neogene biostratigraphy, 130-131, georefid:1983-046721

West: -124.2000 East: -123.5000 North: 41.0000 South: 40.1500
Expedition: 18
Site: 18-173
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IGCP Project No. 114
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