Srinivasan, M. S.; Kennett, J. P. (1983): The Oligocene-Miocene boundary in the South Pacific. Geological Society of America (GSA), Boulder, CO, United States, Geological Society of America Bulletin, 94 (6), 798-812, georefid:1983-042040

Qualitative and quantitative planktonic foraminiferal trends in three Deep Sea Drilling Project sites (289, 208, 206), ranging from the equator to temperate regions. Globoquadrina dehiscens is the most useful datum for designation and correlation of the boundary.--Modified journal abstract.
West: 158.0000 East: 166.0000 North: .0000 South: -33.0000
Expedition: 21
Site: 21-206
Site: 21-208
Expedition: 30
Site: 30-289
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