Thiede, Jorn; Dean, W. E.; Claypool, George E. (1982): Oxygen-deficient depositional paleoenvironments in the Mid-Cretaceous tropical and subtropical central Pacific Ocean. Acad. Press, New York, NY, United States, In: Schlanger, S. O. (editor), Cita, M. B. (editor), Nature and origin of Cretaceous carbon-rich facies, 79-100, georefid:1983-034161

West: 157.0000 East: -169.0000 North: 34.0000 South: -11.0000
Expedition: 17
Site: 17-171
Expedition: 32
Site: 32-305
Site: 32-306
Site: 32-310
Expedition: 33
Site: 33-317
Expedition: 62
Site: 62-463
Site: 62-465
Site: 62-466
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