Ghose, Benoy K. (1982): Analysis of paleontologic time series and its application in stratigraphic correlation; a case study based on Orbulina data from DSDP samples. John Wiley & Sons, Chichester, United Kingdom, In: Cubitt, J. M. (editor), Reyment, Richard A. (editor), Quantitative stratigraphic correlation, 175-231, georefid:1983-033256

West: -78.0000 East: 147.0000 North: 25.0000 South: -60.0000
West: NaN East: NaN North: NaN South: NaN
West: NaN East: NaN North: NaN South: NaN
Expedition: 22
Site: 22-216
Site: 22-217
Expedition: 23
Site: 23-219
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IGCP Project No. 148
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Provider: SEDIS Publication Catalogue
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