Stevenson, Andrew J.; Scholl, David W.; Vallier, Tracy L. (1983): Tectonic and geologic implications of the Zodiac Fan, Aleutian abyssal plain, Northeast Pacific. Geological Society of America (GSA), Boulder, CO, United States, Geological Society of America Bulletin, 94 (2), 259-273, georefid:1983-025629

Upper Eocene through lower Oligocene turbidites. Well-developed channel distributary system; four major channels have been identified with the following relative age relation (> = older than): Sagittarius > Aquarius > Taurus, and Sagittarius > Seamap. A minimum drainage of 500,000 km (super 2) is believed necessary to have supplied the sediment to form the fan. Tertiary plate-motion models requiring large amounts of relative covergence along the Aleutian Trench are judged unworkable. As the minimum drainage is already equal to one-half of the State of Alaska, any major expansion is judged unreasonable. Relative convergence at the Aleutian Trench limited to less than approximately 500 km from 40 m.y. B.P. to present; possibly a significant portion of southern Alaska moved in concert with the Pacific Plate since the upper Eocene.--Modified journal abstract.
West: -163.0000 East: 161.1220 North: 72.0000 South: 51.0000
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