Bernoulli, Daniel; Garrison, Robert E.; Schreiber, B. Charlotte; Fabricius, Frank H.; Kidd, Robert B.; Melieres, Frederic (1976): The Messinian evaporitic succession of DSDP sites 375 and 376 (Florence Rise, Cyprus Arc). International Geological Correlation Programme, International, In: Cita, Maria Bianca (convener), Il significato geodinamico della crisi di salinita' del Miocene terminale nel Mediterraneo The geodynamic significance of the terminal Miocene salinity crisis in the Mediterranean region, 2, 10-11, georefid:1983-012544

West: 30.4534 East: 32.0000 North: 35.1000 South: 34.4000
West: NaN East: NaN North: NaN South: NaN
Expedition: 42
Site: 42-375
Site: 42-376
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IGCP Project No. 096
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