Humphris, S. E. (1978): Geochemistry of long-term seawater-basalt reactions at low temperatures, DSDP holes 417A and 418A. Geological Society of America (GSA), Boulder, CO, United States, The Geological Association of Canada, The Mineralogical Association of Canada, The Geological Society of America (91st annual meeting); 1978 joint annual meeting, 10 (7), 426, georefid:1979-007135

West: -70.0000 East: -65.0000 North: 28.0000 South: 24.0000
Expedition: 102
Site: 102-418
Expedition: 51
Site: 51-417
Expedition: 52
Site: 52-417
Site: 52-418
Expedition: 53
Site: 53-418
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