Bowles, Julie (2007): Data report; revised magnetostratigraphy and magnetic mineralogy of sediments from Walvis Ridge, Leg 208. Texas A&M University, Ocean Drilling Program, College Station, TX, United States, In: Kroon, Dick, Zachos, James C., Blum, Peter, Bowles, Julie, Gaillot, Philippe, Hasegawa, Takashi, Hathorne, Edmund C., Hodell, David A., Kelly, Daniel C., Jung, Ja-Hun, Keller, Susan M., Lee, Youn Soo, Leuschner, Dirk C., Liu Zhifei, Lohmann, Kyger C., Lourens, Lucas, Monechi, Simonetta, Nicolo, Micah, Raffi, Isabella, Riesselman, Christina, Roehl, Ursula, Schellenberg, Stephen A., Schmidt, Daniela, Sluijs, Appy, Thomas, Deborah, Thomas, Ellen, Vallius, Henry, Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program; scientific results; early Cenozoic extreme climates; the Walvis Ridge Transect; covering Leg 208 of the cruises of the drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Sites 1262-1267; 6 March-6 May 2003, 208, georefid:2007-087739

We report the paleomagnetic and rock magnetic results from discrete sample analysis of sediments from Walvis Ridge, Leg 208 of the Ocean Drilling Program. In an effort to refine the shipboard magnetostratigraphy, alternating field and thermal demagnetization of discrete samples were carried out, predominantly on samples from Sites 1262 and 1267. Results are generally consistent with the shipboard pass-through cryomagnetometer data, though in some cases the discrete samples resolved ambiguities in the reversal record. Significantly, the C24r/C24n reversal boundary was identified at Sites 1262 and 1267, and most boundaries in the Paleocene and Upper Cretaceous sections are now identified to within 10-30 cm. Magnetic mineralogy results show that prior to the late Miocene, the predominant detrital magnetic component was coarse-grained magnetite and that after the late Miocene, titanomagnetite has also been present. This suggests a possible change in detrital source at that time.
West: 1.3400 East: 1.4300 North: -27.1100 South: -28.0600
Expedition: 208
Site: 208-1262
Site: 208-1267
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