Nicolo, Micah J.; Dickens, Gerald Roy (2007): Data report; terrigenous grain-size distributions at Sites 1263 and 1267; testing the applicability of Leg 208 sediments for eolian analysis. Texas A&M University, Ocean Drilling Program, College Station, TX, United States, In: Kroon, Dick, Zachos, James C., Blum, Peter, Bowles, Julie, Gaillot, Philippe, Hasegawa, Takashi, Hathorne, Edmund C., Hodell, David A., Kelly, Daniel C., Jung, Ja-Hun, Keller, Susan M., Lee, Youn Soo, Leuschner, Dirk C., Liu Zhifei, Lohmann, Kyger C., Lourens, Lucas, Monechi, Simonetta, Nicolo, Micah, Raffi, Isabella, Riesselman, Christina, Roehl, Ursula, Schellenberg, Stephen A., Schmidt, Daniela, Sluijs, Appy, Thomas, Deborah, Thomas, Ellen, Vallius, Henry, Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program; scientific results; early Cenozoic extreme climates; the Walvis Ridge Transect; covering Leg 208 of the cruises of the drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Sites 1262-1267; 6 March-6 May 2003, 208, georefid:2007-087737

To date, the only Southern Hemisphere eolian grain-size record constructed for the early Paleogene comes from Deep Sea Drilling Project Site 215. Ten early Paleogene sediment samples from Site 215 were collected and processed to show that the existing eolian grain-size record at this site can be reproduced. Five samples each from Ocean Drilling Program Sites 1263 and 1267 were similarly examined to test the possibility of generating new Southern Hemisphere eolian grain-size records for the early Paleogene. Our results indicate that an eolian grain-size signal can be constructed at Walvis Ridge, although the record will be complicated by hemipelagic terrigenous inputs. Further, we assert that a record generated at a site located on the deep flanks of Walvis Ridge is particularly susceptible to hemipelagic influence.
West: 1.4200 East: 86.4730 North: -8.0718 South: -28.3200
Expedition: 208
Site: 208-1263
Site: 208-1267
Expedition: 22
Site: 22-215
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