Engel, Robb; McCartney, Kevin (2006): Silicoflagellates recovered from the deep sea, ODP Leg 199 Site 1219, East Equatorial Pacific. Texas A&M University, Ocean Drilling Program, College Station, TX, United States, In: Wilson, Paul A., Lyle, Mitchell W., Janecek, Thomas R., Backman, Jan, Busch, William H., Coxall, Helen K., Faul, Kristina, Gaillot, Philippe, Hovan, Steven A., Knoop, Peter, Kruse, Silke, Lanci, Luca, Lear, Caroline, Moore, Theodore C., Nigrini, Catherine A., Nishi, Hiroshi, Nomura, Ritsuo, Norris, Richard D., Palike, Heiko, Pares, Josep M., Quintin, Lacie, Raffi, Isabella, Rea, Brice R., Steiger, Torsten H., Tripati, Aradhna, Vanden Berg, Michael D., Wade, Bridget, Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program; scientific results; Paleogene equatorial transect; covering Leg 199 of the cruises of the drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution; Honolulu, Hawaii, to Honolulu, Hawaii; Sites 1215-1222; 23 October-16 December 2001, 199, georefid:2007-028665

Silicoflagellates ranging from middle Eocene to middle Miocene in age are present in Ocean Drilling Program Hole 1219A. The hole was drilled 250.8 meters below seafloor of which an approximately 120-m section primarily composed of nannofossil ooze with variable radiolarian and clay content is early Miocene and Oligocene in age, and a 95-m section is Eocene radiolarian and zeolithic clays, radiolarian and diatom oozes, and nannofossil oozes and chalks. A total of 150 samples were studied at a sample interval of one per section. Diversity of silicoflagellates is moderate, and the preservation is good. Abundance is generally low, with many samples barren of silicoflagellates, but 31 species and subspecies were identified. One new species, Naviculopsis trigeminus, is described.
West: -142.0100 East: -142.0100 North: 7.4800 South: 7.4800
Expedition: 199
Site: 199-1219
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