Venuti, Alessandra; Richter, Carl; Verosub, Kenneth L. (2006): Paleomagnetic and environmental magnetic properties of sediments from Site 1202 (Kuroshio Current). Texas A&M University, Ocean Drilling Program, College Station, TX, United States, In: Shinohara, Masanao (editor), Salisbury, Matthew H. (editor), Richter, Carl (editor), Araki, Eiichiro, Barr, Samantha R., D'Antonio, Massimo, Dean, Simon M., Diekmann, Bernhard, Edwards, K. Michelle, Fryer, Patricia B., Gaillot, Philippe J., Hammon, William S., III, Hart, David, Januszczak, Nicole, Komor, Stephen C., Kristensen, Mette B., Lockwood, John P., Mottl, Michael J., Moyer, Craig L., Nakahigashi, Kazuo, Savov, Ivan P., Su Xin, Wei, Kuo-Yen, Yamada, Tomoaki, Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program; scientific results; seafloor observatories and the Kuroshio Current; covering Leg 195 of the cruises of the drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution; Apra Harbor, Guam, to Keelung, Taiwan; Sites 1200-1202; 2 March-2 May 2001, 195, georefid:2006-066613

We present paleomagnetic and mineral magnetic results from ocean sediments from the southern Okinawa Trough (west Pacific). We obtained samples from two holes from Ocean Drilling Program Site 1202 and determined the natural remanent magnetization, magnetic susceptibility, anhysteretic remanent magnetization (ARM), hysteresis properties, and thermomagnetic behavior. Hole 1202A was studied between 100 and 120 meters below seafloor (mbsf) and Hole 1202B between 0 and 140 mbsf, both at 1-cm resolution. Hysteresis properties and thermomagnetic behavior were measured on selected samples. The measurements show a stable magnetization carried by pseudo-singledomain-sized low-titanium magnetite. Magnetic inclinations are predominantly positive and record the Brunhes (C1n) normal polarity chron. Susceptibility and ARM, as well as the environmentally significant rock magnetic ratios (ARM/k and ARM (sub 30 mT) /ARM (sub 0 mT) ), reflect changes in sediment input from Taiwan and the East China Sea continental shelf changes in the path of the Kuroshio Current and changes in climatic conditions.
West: 122.3000 East: 122.3100 North: 24.4900 South: 24.4800
Expedition: 195
Site: 195-1202
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