Courtier, Anna M.; Hart, David J.; Christensen, Nikolas I. (2006): Seismic properties of Leg 195 serpentinites and their geophysical implications. Texas A&M University, Ocean Drilling Program, College Station, TX, United States, In: Shinohara, Masanao (editor), Salisbury, Matthew H. (editor), Richter, Carl (editor), Araki, Eiichiro, Barr, Samantha R., D'Antonio, Massimo, Dean, Simon M., Diekmann, Bernhard, Edwards, K. Michelle, Fryer, Patricia B., Gaillot, Philippe J., Hammon, William S., III, Hart, David, Januszczak, Nicole, Komor, Stephen C., Kristensen, Mette B., Lockwood, John P., Mottl, Michael J., Moyer, Craig L., Nakahigashi, Kazuo, Savov, Ivan P., Su Xin, Wei, Kuo-Yen, Yamada, Tomoaki, Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program; scientific results; seafloor observatories and the Kuroshio Current; covering Leg 195 of the cruises of the drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution; Apra Harbor, Guam, to Keelung, Taiwan; Sites 1200-1202; 2 March-2 May 2001, 195, georefid:2006-066611

Knowledge of seismic velocities is necessary to constrain the lithologies encountered in seismic studies. We measured the seismic velocities, both compressional and shear wave, of clasts recovered during Ocean Drilling Program Leg 195 from a serpentine mud volcano, the South Chamorro Seamount. The compressional wave velocities of these clasts vary from a lower value of 5.5 km/s to an upper value of 6.1 km/s at a confining stress of 200 MPa. The shear wave velocities vary from a lower value of 2.8 km/s to an upper value of 3.3 km/s at a confining stress of 200 MPa. The densities of the samples vary from 2548 to 2701 kg/m (super 3) . These velocities and densities are representative of the highly serpentinized harzburgite and dunite mineralogy of the clasts. Velocities from a seismic study of the Izu-Bonin forearc wedge were used to calculate the degree of serpentinization in the forearc wedge. The seismic velocities of the forearc wedge are higher than the velocities of the clasts recovered from the South Chamorro Seamount, suggesting that the clasts are more serpentinized than the forearc wedge.
West: 122.0000 East: 147.0000 North: 25.0000 South: 13.0000
Expedition: 195
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