Goldberg, David S.; Cheng, Arthur; Gulick, Sean P. S.; Blanch, Joakim; Byun, Joong Moo (2005): Velocity analysis of LWD sonic data in turbidites and hemipelagic sediments offshore Japan, ODP Sites 1173 and 808. Texas A&M University, Ocean Drilling Program, College Station, TX, United States, In: Moore, Gregory F., Taira, Asahiko, Klaus, Adam, Becker, Keir, Becker, Luann, Boeckel, Babette, Cragg, Barry A., Dean, P. Allison, Fergusson, Christopher L., Henry, Pierre, Hirano, Satoshi, Hisamitsu, Toshio, Hunze, Sabine, Kastner, Miriam, Maltman, Alex J., Morgan, Julia K., Murakami, Yuki, Saffer, Demian M., Sanchez-Gomez, Mario, Screaton, Elizabeth J., Smith, David C., Spivack, Arthur J., Steurer, Joan F., Tobin, Harold J., Ujiie, Kohtaro, Underwood, Michael B., Wilson, Moyra E. J., Mikada, Hitoshi, Moore, J. Casey, Austin, Gary L., Bangs, Nathan L. B., Bourlange, Sylvain, Broilliard, Julien, Brueckmann, Warner, Corn, Ernest Ray, Davis, Earl E., Flemings, Peter B., Goldberg, David S., Gulick, Sean P. S., Hansen, Martin Bak, Hayward, Nathan, Hills, Denise J., Ienaga, Masanori, Ishiguro, Hiroyasu, Kinoshita, Masataka, Macdonald, Robert D., McNeill, Lisa, Obana, Shinichi, Hong, Ong Swee, Peacock, Sheila, Pettigrew, Thomas L., Saito, Saneatsu, Sawa, Takao, Thaiprasert, Nophawit, Tsurumi, Hikaru, Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program; scientific results; deformation and fluid flow processes in the Nankai Trough accretionary prism; coring, logging while drilling and advanced CORKs covering Legs 190 to 196 of the cruises of the drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution; Sydney, Australia, to Yokohama, Japan, Sites 1173-1178, 23 May-16 July 2000; and Keelung, Taiwan, to Kochi, Japan, Sites 808-1173, 2 May-1 July 2001, 190/196, georefid:2005-060953

Logging-while-drilling (LWD) sonic data collected during Ocean Drilling Program Leg 196 in low-velocity turbidites and hemipelagic sediments were analyzed to extract P-wave velocity using high-resolution dispersion analysis and appropriate tool and borehole modeling. The sonic waveform data show an overall increase in velocity with decreasing frequency. Numerical modeling indicates that velocity computations should be made in the frequency band of highest waveform energy. Estimates of velocity using this approach compare well with core data and wireline sonic logs at the reference site (Site 1173), whereas conventional semblance analysis and dispersion corrections using a look-up table tend to underestimate the velocity by as much as 10%. Synthetic seismograms computed using this approach from the LWD sonic data correlate well to seismic reflection profiles at Site 1173. At Site 808, correlation of synthetic seismograms from our LWD data analysis suggests that transverse velocity anisotropy is present in the prism sediments. High-resolution dispersion analysis is recommended for velocity analysis from LWD sonic data in similar low-velocity marine sediments.
West: 134.5634 East: 135.0200 North: 32.2111 South: 32.1500
Expedition: 131
Site: 131-808
Expedition: 190
Site: 190-1173
Expedition: 196
Site: 196-1173
Site: 196-808
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