Sacks, I. Selwyn; Suyehiro, Kiyoshi (2003): Leg 186 synthesis; drilling the forearc of the Northeast Japan Arc; causes and effects of subduction plate coupling over 20 m.y.. Texas A&M University, Ocean Drilling Program, College Station, TX, United States, In: Suyehiro, Kiyoshi, Sacks, I. Selwyn, Acton, Gary D., Acierno, Michael J., Araki, Eiichiro, Ask, Maria V. S., Ikeda, Akihiro, Kanamatsu, Toshiya, Kim, Gil Young, Li, Jingfen, Linde, Alan T., McWhorter, Paul N., Mora, German, Najman, Yanina M. R., Niitsuma, Nobuaki, Pandit, Benoy K., Roller, Sybille, Saito, Saneatsu, Sakamoto, Tatsuhiko, Shinohara, Masanao, Sun, Yue-Feng, Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, scientific results, Western Pacific geophysical observatories; covering Leg 186 of the cruises of drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution; Yokohama, Japan, to Yokohama, Japan; sites 1150 and 1151, 14 June-14 August 1999, 186, georefid:2004-011511

High-recovery core sample and downhole logging data from Sites 1150 (39 degrees 11'N, 143 degrees 20'E) and 1151 (38 degrees 45'N, 143 degrees 20'E), drilled during Ocean Drilling Program Leg 186, generally confirmed the Neogene tectonic erosion history as discovered and described by Deep Sea Drilling Project Legs 56, 57, and 87, drilled between 39 degrees 44'N and 40 degrees 38'N in the northeast Japan Trench forearc. We propose that the sedimentary characteristics of the drilled cores can be explained as consequences of the change in plate coupling between the subducting Pacific plate and the Eurasian plate, dependent on the plate dip angle and water flux resulting from plate subduction. Our model explains the interrelationship among the observed and inferred changes in the plate dip angle, location of the volcanic front, sedimentation rate, volcanic activity, and horizontal stress field caused by the change in plate coupling, which dictates the amount of tectonic force transmitted across the plate boundary. Previously studied subsidence history of the forearc, ascribed to the subduction erosion process, is also incorporated.
West: 143.2000 East: 143.2000 North: 39.1100 South: 38.4500
Expedition: 186
Site: 186-1150
Site: 186-1151
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