Ludden, John N.; Plank, Terry; Larson, Roger L.; Escutia, Carlota (2006): Leg 185 synthesis; sampling the oldest crust in the ocean basins to understand Earth's geodynamic and geochemical fluxes. Texas A&M University, Ocean Drilling Program, College Station, TX, United States, In: Ludden, John N. (editor), Plank, Terry (editor), Escutia, Carlota (editor), Abrams, Lewis J., Alt, Jeffrey C., Armstrong, Robin N., Barr, Samantha, Bartolini, Annachiara, Cairns, Graeme, Fisk, Martin R., Guerin, Gilles, Haveman, Shelley A., Hirono, Tetsuro, Honnorez, Jose, Kelley, Katherine A., Larson, Roger L., Lozar, Francesca M., Murray, Richard W., Pletsch, Thomas K., Pockalny, Robert A., Rouxel, Olivier, Schmidt, Angelika, Smith, David C., Spivack, Arthur J., Staudigel, Hubert, Steiner, Maureen B., Valentine, Robert B., Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program; scientific results, Izu-Mariana Margin; covering Leg 185 of the drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution; Hong Kong, People's Republic of China, to Yokohama, Japan; Sites 801 and 1149; 12 April-14 June 1999, 185, 1-35, georefid:2006-060878

During Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Leg 185, two sites were sampled in the oldest crust of the western Pacific Ocean. The scientific objectives were twofold: (1) to characterize the nature of the oldest in situ oceanic crust on Earth in terms of its formation and subsequent sedimentation and alteration and (2) to determine the bulk geochemical characteristics of crust being subducted into the Izu-Bonin and Mariana trenches, as part of a larger global experiment aimed at understanding geochemical budgets at subduction zones. This synthesis summarizes results presented in more than 35 papers published not only in this Leg 185 Scientific Results volume but also in several journal articles and, specifically, in a special thematic series of articles on Oceanic Inputs to the Subduction Factory published in Geochemistry, Geophysics, and Geosystems (G3). Leg 185 science also supported the theses of 12 students in universities around the world.
West: 143.2100 East: 156.2136 North: 31.2030 South: 18.3831
Expedition: 129
Site: 129-801
Expedition: 185
Site: 185-1149
Site: 185-801
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