Hirono, Tetsuro; Abrams, Lewis J. (2006): Electrical resistivity and X-ray computed tomography measurements of sedimentary and igneous units from Hole 801C and Site 1149. Texas A&M University, Ocean Drilling Program, College Station, TX, United States, In: Ludden, John N. (editor), Plank, Terry (editor), Escutia, Carlota (editor), Abrams, Lewis J., Alt, Jeffrey C., Armstrong, Robin N., Barr, Samantha, Bartolini, Annachiara, Cairns, Graeme, Fisk, Martin R., Guerin, Gilles, Haveman, Shelley A., Hirono, Tetsuro, Honnorez, Jose, Kelley, Katherine A., Larson, Roger L., Lozar, Francesca M., Murray, Richard W., Pletsch, Thomas K., Pockalny, Robert A., Rouxel, Olivier, Schmidt, Angelika, Smith, David C., Spivack, Arthur J., Staudigel, Hubert, Steiner, Maureen B., Valentine, Robert B., Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program; scientific results, Izu-Mariana Margin; covering Leg 185 of the drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution; Hong Kong, People's Republic of China, to Yokohama, Japan; Sites 801 and 1149; 12 April-14 June 1999, 185, georefid:2006-060889

The results of shore-based three-axis resistivity and X-ray computed tomography (CT) measurements on cube-shaped samples recovered during Leg 185 are presented along with moisture and density, P-wave velocity, resistivity, and X-ray CT measurements on whole-round samples of representative lithologies from Site 1149. These measurements augment the standard suite of physical properties obtained during Leg 185 from the cube samples and samples obtained adjacent to the cut cubes. Both shipboard and shore-based measurements of physical properties provide information that assists in characterizing lithologic units, correlating cored material with downhole logging data, understanding the nature of consolidation, and interpreting seismic reflection profiles.
West: 143.2100 East: 156.2136 North: 31.2030 South: 18.3831
Expedition: 129
Site: 129-801
Expedition: 185
Site: 185-1149
Site: 185-801
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