Simo, J. A.; Slatter, N. M. (2004): Sedimentology of a Pleistocene middle slope cool-water carbonate platform, Great Australian Bight, ODP Leg 182. Texas A&M University, Ocean Drilling Program, College Station, TX, United States, In: Hine, Albert C., Feary, David A., Malone, Mitchell J., Andres, Miriam, Betzler, Christian, Brooks, Gregg R., Brunner, Charlotte A., Fuller, Michael, Molina Garza, Roberto S., Holbourn, Ann E., Huuse, Mads, Isern, Alexandra R., James, Noel P., Ladner, Bryan C., Li, Qianyu, Machiyama, Hideaki, Mallinson, David J., Matsuda, Hiroki, Mitterer, Richard M., Robin, Cecile, Russell, Joellen L., Shafik, Samir, Simo, J. A., Smart, Peter L., Spence, Guy H., Surlyk, Finn C., Swart, Peter K., Wortmann, Ulrich G., Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program; scientific results; Great Australian Bight; Cenozoic cool-water carbonates; covering Leg 182 of the cruises of the drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution; Wellington, New Zealand, to Fremantle, Australia; Sites 1126-1134, 8 October-7 December 1998, 182, georefid:2005-041669

This data report presents sedimentological data obtained from Site 1130 in the Great Australian Bight (southern Australia) during Leg 182, a setting that is dominated today by strong ocean currents, downwelling, and water temperatures rarely above 20 degrees C. The purpose is to characterize lithofacies and cyclicity. The different lithofacies reflect different texture, grain composition, grain size, and sorting as seen in thin section. Cyclicity is shown by repetition of coarsening-upward wackestone to packstone packages with an upward increase in neritic components. The cyclicity is corroborated by grain counts, point counts, and X-ray diffraction mineralogy. The cyclicity is interrupted by the deposition of nannofossil-rich wackestones. These data can be used to more effectively interpret processes affecting cool-water carbonate margins.
West: 127.3608 East: 127.3608 North: -33.2512 South: -33.2512
Expedition: 182
Site: 182-1130
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