Matsuda, Hiroki; Machiyama, Hideaki; James, Noel P. (2004): Petrography and stable isotope geochemistry of lower Oligocene to middle Miocene carbonates, Site 1132, Great Australian Bight. Texas A&M University, Ocean Drilling Program, College Station, TX, United States, In: Hine, Albert C., Feary, David A., Malone, Mitchell J., Andres, Miriam, Betzler, Christian, Brooks, Gregg R., Brunner, Charlotte A., Fuller, Michael, Molina Garza, Roberto S., Holbourn, Ann E., Huuse, Mads, Isern, Alexandra R., James, Noel P., Ladner, Bryan C., Li, Qianyu, Machiyama, Hideaki, Mallinson, David J., Matsuda, Hiroki, Mitterer, Richard M., Robin, Cecile, Russell, Joellen L., Shafik, Samir, Simo, J. A., Smart, Peter L., Spence, Guy H., Surlyk, Finn C., Swart, Peter K., Wortmann, Ulrich G., Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program; scientific results; Great Australian Bight; Cenozoic cool-water carbonates; covering Leg 182 of the cruises of the drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution; Wellington, New Zealand, to Fremantle, Australia; Sites 1126-1134, 8 October-7 December 1998, 182, georefid:2005-041672

Petrographic observation and carbonate mineralogic and stable isotopic investigation were conducted on lower Oligocene to middle Miocene sediments recovered during Ocean Drilling Program Leg 182 from Site 1132, located at a water depth of 218.5 m immediately seaward of the shelf-slope break of the eastern Eyre Terrace in the western Great Australian Bight. The middle Miocene section consists of bioclastic packstone and grainstone with an interval of partially silicified nannofossil-foraminiferal chalk and is slightly to densely dolomitized. By contrast, the lower Oligocene to lower Miocene section is characterized by a predominance of planktonic and benthic foraminifers, high porosity, absence of chert, and weak dolomitization. The carbon and oxygen isotopic composition of calcites and dolomites between two sections, however, shows no significant difference.
West: 127.3608 East: 127.3608 North: -33.1858 South: -33.1858
Expedition: 182
Site: 182-1132
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