Becquey, Sabine; Gersonde, Rainer (2003): Early and mid-Pleistocene (MIS 65-11) summer sea-surface temperature, foraminiferal fragmentation, and ice-rafted debris records from the Subantarctic (ODP Leg 177 Site 1090). Texas A&M University, Ocean Drilling Program, College Station, TX, United States, In: Gersonde, Rainer, Hodell, David A., Blum, Peter, Andersson, Carin, Austin, William E. N., Billups, Katharina, Channell, James E. T., Charles, Christopher D., Diekmann, Bernhard, Filippelli, Gabriel M., Flores, Jose-Abel, Hewitt, Antony T., Howard, William R., Ikehara, Minoru, Janecek, Thomas R., Kanfoush, Sharon L., Kemp, Alan E. S., King, Stagg L., Kleiven, Helga Flesche, Kuhn, Gerhard, Marino, Maria, Ninnemann, Ulysses S., O'Connell, Suzanne, Ortiz, Joseph D., Stoner, Joseph S., Sugiyama, Kazuhiro, Warnke, Detlef A., Zielinski, Ulrich, Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, scientific results; Southern Ocean paleoceanography; covering Leg 177 of the cruises of the drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution; Cape Town, South Africa, to Punta Arenas, Chile; sites 1088-1094; 9 December 1997-5 February 1998, 177, georefid:2003-053342

Pleistocene summer sea-surface temperatures (SSSTs) have been reconstructed from planktonic foraminifers on a composite core section recovered from the Subantarctic Zone of the Southern Ocean, applying the modern analog technique (MAT). The composite consists of core PS2489-2 and a Pleistocene splice recovered from five holes drilled at Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Leg 177 Site 1090 and represents the past 1.83 m.y. Core PS2489-2 documents a late and mid-Pleistocene record ranging from marine isotope Stage (MIS) 14 to MIS 1. Data and results obtained from core PS2489-2, including an age model based on stable isotope measurements and (super 14) C-AMS (accelerator mass spectrometry) datings as well as records of MAT-derived SSST, species abundance distribution of selected foraminifers, foraminiferal fragmentation, and ice-rafted debris (IRD) are presented and discussed in Becquey and Gersonde (in press). The data on stable isotope measurements, species abundance distribution, SSST, IRD, and fragmentation ratio obtained from sections recovered at Site 1090 between 10.83 and 44.54 meters composite depth (mcd), representing a period between MIS 65 and MIS 11, are presented in this report. The upper portion (MIS 11-14) of this record overlaps that obtained from core PS2489-2, allowing an accurate splice of both records. The data are also archived in the on-line PANGAEA information system at the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven Germany.
West: 8.5359 East: 8.5359 North: -42.5449 South: -42.5449
Expedition: 177
Site: 177-1090
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