Groeschel-Becker, Henrike M. (2000): Physical properties of sediment, basalt, and massive sulfide samples from holes 856H, 1035D, 1035E, 1035F, and 1035H, Middle Valley, northern Juan de Fuca Ridge, and holes 1037B and 1038I, Escanaba Trough, Gorda Ridge. Texas A & M University, Ocean Drilling Program, College Station, TX, United States, In: Zierenberg, Robert A., Fouquet, Yves, Miller, D. Jay, Bahr, Jean M., Baker, Paul A., Bjerkgarden, Terje, Brunner, Charlotte A., Duckworth, Rowena C., Gable, Robert, Gieskes, Joris M., Goodfellow, Wayne D., Groeschel-Becker, Henrike M., Guerin, Gilles, Ishibashi, Junichiro, Iturrino, Gerardo J., James, Rachael H., Lackschewitz, Klas S., Marquez, L. Lynn, Nehlig, Pierre, Peter, Jan M., Rigsby, Catherine A., Simoneit, Bernd R. T., Schultheiss, Peter, Shanks, Wayne C., III, Summit, Melanie, Teagle, Damon A. H., Urbat, Michael, Zuffa, Gian G., Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, scientific results, sedimented ridges II; covering Leg 169 of the cruises of the drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution, Victoria, British Columbia, to San Diego, California; sites 856-858 and 1035-1038, 21 August-16 October 1996, 169, georefid:2001-018636

West: -128.4052 East: -127.2535 North: 48.2559 South: 40.5958
Expedition: 139
Site: 139-856
Expedition: 169
Site: 169-1035
Site: 169-1037
Site: 169-1038
Site: 169-856
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