Fisher, Andrew T.; Davis, Earl E.; Firth, John V.; Andersson, Eva M.; Aoike, Kan; Becker, Keir; Brown, Kimberly A.; Buatier, Martine D.; Constantin, Marc; Elderfield, Henry; Goncalves, Carlos A.; Grigel, Jens S.; Hunter, Arlene G.; Inoue, Atsuyuki; Lawrence, Roisin M.; Macdonald, Robert D.; Marescotti, Pietro; Martin, Jeffrey T.; Monnin, Christophe; Mottl, Michael J.; Pribnow, Daniel F. C.; Stein, Joshua S.; Su, Xin; Sun, Yue-Feng; Underwood, Michael B.; Vanko, David A.; Wheat, C. Geoffrey; Miller, Christine M. (ed.); Peters, Lorri L. (ed.) (2000): Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, scientific results, hydrothermal circulation in the oceanic crust, eastern flank of the Juan de Fuca Ridge; covering Leg 168 of the cruises of the drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution, San Francisco, California, to Victoria, British Columbia, sites 1023-1032, 20 June-15 August 1996. Texas A & M University, Ocean Drilling Program, College Station, TX, United States, Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, 168, 185 pp., georefid:2001-000779

West: -129.0000 East: -127.3000 North: 48.0000 South: 47.4500
Expedition: 168
Site: 168-1023
Site: 168-1024
Site: 168-1025
Site: 168-1026
Site: 168-1027
Site: 168-1028
Site: 168-1029
Site: 168-1030
Site: 168-1031
Site: 168-1032
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