Swart, Peter K. (2000): The oxygen isotopic composition of interstitial waters; evidence for fluid flow and recrystallization in the margin of the Great Bahama Bank. Texas A & M University, Ocean Drilling Program, College Station, TX, United States, In: Swart, Peter K., Eberli, Gregor P., Malone, Mitchell J., Anselmetti, Flavio S., Arai, Kohsaku, Bernet, Karin H., Betzler, Christian, Christensen, Beth A., De Carlo, Eric Heinen, Dejardin, Pascale M., Emmanuel, Laurent, Frank, Tracy D., Haddad, Geoffrey A., Isern, Alexandra R., Katz, Miriam E., Kenter, Jeroen A. M., Kramer, Philip A., Kroon, Dick, McKenzie, Judith A., McNeill, Donald F., Montgomery, Paul, Nagihara, Seiichi, Pirmez, Carlos, Reijmer, John J. G., Sato, Tokiyuki, Schovsbo, Niels H., Williams, Trevor, Wright, James D., Lowe, Ginny (editor), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, scientific results, Bahamas Transect; covering Leg 166 of the cruises of the drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution, San Juan, Puerto Rico, to Balboa Harbor, Panama, sites 1003-1009, 17 February-10 April 1996, 166, 91-98, georefid:2001-002887

This study investigates the delta (super 18) O of pore waters from Sites 1003 through 1007, drilled along the western margin of the Great Bahama Bank during Leg 166 of the Ocean Drilling Program. These pore waters generally show a positive correlation between delta (super 18) O and the concentration of chloride. The exception to this trend is Site 1006, where the pore waters exhibit nonlinear behavior with respect to chloride. The correlation between the concentration of Cl-and delta (super 18) O at most of the sites appears to be a coincidence because although the increase in Cl-is a result of diffusion from an underlying source, the increases in delta (super 18) O result from the recrystallization of metastable carbonates in the presence of a geothermal gradient. The difference in behavior in the delta (super 18) O of the pore water at Site 1006 is probably a result of the relative reduced rate of carbonate recrystallization at this site. The delta (super 18) O of the pore waters in the upper portion of the cores shows a pattern similar to the concentration of chloride in that there is an interval of 30-50 m in which neither the delta (super 18) O nor the concentration of Cl-changes. This interval is consistent with either an interval of very rapid deposition of sediment or the advection of fluid through the platform. Both the delta (super 18) O and the concentration of Cl-increase toward the platform, suggesting an input of saline and isotopically heavy water from the platform surface.
West: -79.4500 East: -79.0000 North: 25.0000 South: 24.0000
Expedition: 166
Site: 166-1003
Site: 166-1004
Site: 166-1005
Site: 166-1006
Site: 166-1007
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