Frank, Tracy D. (2000): Geochemistry of Miocene sediments, sites 1006 and 1007, leeward margin, Great Bahama Bank. Texas A & M University, Ocean Drilling Program, College Station, TX, United States, In: Swart, Peter K., Eberli, Gregor P., Malone, Mitchell J., Anselmetti, Flavio S., Arai, Kohsaku, Bernet, Karin H., Betzler, Christian, Christensen, Beth A., De Carlo, Eric Heinen, Dejardin, Pascale M., Emmanuel, Laurent, Frank, Tracy D., Haddad, Geoffrey A., Isern, Alexandra R., Katz, Miriam E., Kenter, Jeroen A. M., Kramer, Philip A., Kroon, Dick, McKenzie, Judith A., McNeill, Donald F., Montgomery, Paul, Nagihara, Seiichi, Pirmez, Carlos, Reijmer, John J. G., Sato, Tokiyuki, Schovsbo, Niels H., Williams, Trevor, Wright, James D., Lowe, Ginny (editor), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, scientific results, Bahamas Transect; covering Leg 166 of the cruises of the drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution, San Juan, Puerto Rico, to Balboa Harbor, Panama, sites 1003-1009, 17 February-10 April 1996, 166, 137-143, georefid:2001-002892

Total carbon and carbonate contents, quantitative carbonate mineralogy, trace metal concentrations, and stable isotope compositions were determined on a suite of samples from the Miocene sections at Sites 1006 and 1007. The Miocene section at Site 1007, located at the toe-of-slope, contains a relatively high proportion of bank-derived components and becomes fully lithified at a depth of approximately 300 meters below seafloor (mbsf). By contrast, Miocene sediments at Site 1006, situated in Neogene drift deposits in the Straits of Florida and composed primarily of pelagic carbonates, do not become fully lithified until a depth of approximately 675 mbsf. Diagenetic and compositional contrasts between Sites 1006 and 1007 are reflected in geochemical data derived from sediment samples from each site.
West: -79.2733 East: -79.1921 North: 24.3016 South: 24.2359
Expedition: 166
Site: 166-1006
Site: 166-1007
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