Alt, Jeffrey C.; Kinoshita, Hajimu; Stokking, Laura B. (ed.); Allerton, Simon; Bach, Wolfgang; Becker, Keir; Boehm, Volker K.; Brewer, Timothy S.; Dilek, Yildirim; Filice, Frank; Fisk, Martin R.; Fujisawa, Hideyuki; Furnes, Harald; Guerin, Gilles; Harper, Gregory D.; Honnorez, Jose; Hoskins, Hartley; Ishizuka, Hideo; Laverne, Christine; McNeill, Andrew W.; Magenheim, Andrew J.; Miyashita, Sumio; Pezard, Philippe A.; Salisbury, Matthew H.; Tartarotti, Paola; Teagle, Damon A. H.; Vanko, David A.; Wilkens, Roy H.; Worm, Horst-Ulrich (1996): Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program; scientific results, Costa Rica Rift; covering Leg 148 of the cruises of the Drilling Vessel JOIDES Resolution, Balboa Harbor, Panama, to Balboa Harbor, Panama, sites 504 and 896, 21 January-10 March 1993. Texas A & M University, Ocean Drilling Program, College Station, TX, United States, Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, 148, 512 pp., georefid:2000-003211

West: -83.4350 East: -83.4320 North: 1.1340 South: 1.1300
Expedition: 111
Site: 111-504
Expedition: 137
Site: 137-504
Expedition: 140
Site: 140-504
Expedition: 148
Site: 148-504
Expedition: 149
Site: 149-898
Expedition: 69
Site: 69-504
Expedition: 70
Site: 70-504
Expedition: 83
Site: 83-504
Expedition: 92
Site: 92-504
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