Musgrave, Robert J.; Collombat, Helene; Didenko, Alexei N. (1995): Magnetic sulfide diagenesis, thermal overprinting, and paleomagnetism of accretionary wedge and convergent margin sediments from the Chile triple junction region. Texas A & M University, Ocean Drilling Program, College Station, TX, United States, In: Lewis, Stephen D., Behrmann, Jan H., Musgrave, Robert J., Arqueros, Rita, Bangs, Nathan, Boden, Per, Brown, Kevin M., Collombat, Helene, Didenko, Alexei N., Didyk, Borys M., Forsythe, Randall, Froelich, Philip N., Golovchenko, Xenia, Kurnosov, Victor B., Kvenvolden, Keith A., Lindsley-Griffin, Nancy, Marsaglia, Kathleen, Osozawa, Soichi, Prior, David J., Sawyer, Dale S., Scholl, David C., Spiegler, Dorothee, Strad, Kari, Takahashi, Kozo, Torres, Marta E., Faundez, Marta Vega, Vergara, Hernan P., Wasedal, Amane, Musgrave, Robert J., Fox, Chryseis O. (editor), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, scientific results; Chile triple junction; covering Leg 141 of the cruises of the drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution, Balboa Harbor, Panama, to Valparaiso, Chile, sites 859-863, 12 November 1991-12 January 1992, 141, 59-76, georefid:1996-067276

West: -75.5120 East: -75.4120 North: -45.5100 South: -46.3040
Expedition: 141
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