Kelemen, Peter B.; Kikawa, Eiichi; Miller, D. Jay; Abe, Natsue; Bach, Wolfgang; Carlson, Richard L.; Casey, John F.; Chambers, Lynne M.; Cheadle, Michael; Cipriani, Anna; Dick, Henry J. B.; Faul, Ulrich; Garces, Miguel; Garrido, Carlos; Gee, Jeffrey S.; Godard, Marguerite M.; Graham, David W.; Griffin, Dale W.; Harvey, Jason; Ildefonse, Benoit; Iturrino, Gerardo J.; Josef, Jennifer; Meurer, William P.; Paulick, Holger; Rosner, Martin; Schroeder, Timothy; Seyler, Monique; Takazawa, Eiichi (2004): Leg 209 summary. Texas A&M University, Ocean Drilling Program, College Station, TX, United States, In: Kelemen, Peter B., Kikawa, Eiichi, Miller, D. Jay, Abe, Natsue, Bach, Wolfgang, Carlson, Richard L., Casey, John F., Chambers, Lynne M., Cheadle, Michael, Cipriani, Anna, Dick, Henry J. B., Faul, Ulrich, Garces, Miguel, Garrido, Carlos, Gee, Jeffrey S., Godard, Marguerite M., Graham, David W., Griffin, Dale W., Harvey, Jason, Ildefonse, Benoit, Iturrino, Gerardo J., Josef, Jennifer, Meurer, William P., Paulick, Holger, Rosner, Martin, Schroeder, Timothy, Seyler, Monique, Takazawa, Eiichi, Peters, Lorri L. (editor), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program; initial reports; drilling mantle peridotite along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge from 14 degrees to 16 degrees N; covering Leg 209 of the cruises of the drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to St. George, Bermuda; sites 1268-1275, 6 May-6 July 2003, 209, georefid:2004-067462

Leg 209 was devoted to drilling mantle peridotites and associated gabbroic rocks along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge from 14 degrees to 16 degrees N. This area was identified at the 1996 Workshop on Oceanic Lithosphere and Scientific Drilling into the 21st Century (OL Workshop) as the ideal region for drilling of a strike line of short holes to sample the upper mantle in a "magma-starved" portion of a slow-spreading ridge (spreading rate = approximately 25 km/m.y.). In this area, igneous crust is locally absent and the structure and composition of the mantle can be determined at sites more than approximately 100 km apart along strike. A central paradigm of Ridge Interdisciplinary Global Experiments (RIDGE) studies is the hypothesis that mantle flow, or melt extraction,or both, are focused in three dimensions toward the centers of magmatic ridge segments, at least at slow-spreading ridges such as the Mid-Atlantic Ridge......
West: -47.3000 East: -44.3000 North: 16.0000 South: 14.0000
Expedition: 209
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