Jannasch, Hans W.; Davis, Earl E.; Kastner, Miriam; Morris, Julie D.; Pettigrew, Thomas L.; Plant, John N.; Solomon, Evan A.; Villinger, Heinrich W.; Wheat, C. Geoffrey (2003): CORK-II; long-term monitoring of fluid chemistry, fluxes, and hydrology in instrumented boreholes at the Costa Rica subduction zone. Texas A&M University, Ocean Drilling Program, College Station, TX, United States, In: Morris, Julie D., Villinger, Heinrich W., Klaus, Adam, Cardace, Dawn M., Chavagnac, Valerie M. C., Clift, Peter D., Haeckel, Matthias, Hisamitsu, Toshio, Kastner, Miriam, Pfender, Marion, Saffer, Demian M., Santelli, Cara, Schramm, Burkhard, Screaton, Elizabeth J., Solomon, Evan A., Strasser, Michael, Thu, Moe Kyaw, Vannucchi, Paola, Nevill, Heather M. (editor), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, initial reports; fluid flow and subduction fluxes across the Costa Rica convergent margin, implications for the seismogenic zone and subduction factory; covering Leg 205 of the cruises of the drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution; Victoria, Canada, to Balboa, Panama; sites 1253-1255; 2 September-6 November 2002, 205, georefid:2004-014636

Two boreholes were drilled on the Costa Rica subduction zone to study the geochemical fluxes and related processes associated with sediment compaction, dewatering, and alteration. The holes were outfitted with modified CORKs (CORK-IIs) that include instruments capable of fluid sampling and measuring flow rates, temperature, and pressure. Fluids are sampled continuously within the decollement zone and in the uppermost oceanic crust with long-term OsmoSamplers for both dissolved ions and gases. The major advantage of the CORK-II is that samples and data can be retrieved without disrupting the pressurized horizons by temporarily opening them to hydrostatic pressures during instrument exchange. This paper describes the concepts, design, and deployment of CORK-IIs in Holes 1253A and 1255A.
West: -86.1124 East: -86.1112 North: 9.3918 South: 9.3854
Expedition: 170
Expedition: 205
Site: 205-1253
Site: 205-1255
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