Sager, William W.; Winterer, Edward L.; Firth, John V.; Arnaud, Hubert M.; Baker, Peter E.; Baudin, Francois; Bralower, Timothy J.; Castillo, Paterno R.; Cooper, Patricia Ann; Flood, Peter G.; Golovchenko, Xenia; Iryu, Yasufumi; Ivanov, Mikhail K.; Jenkyns, Hugh C.; Kenter, Jeroen A. M.; Murdmaa, Ivar O.; Mutterlose, Joerg; Nogi, Yoshifumi; Paull, Charles K.; Polgreen, Evelyn; Roehl, Ursula; Sliter, William V.; Strasser, Andre; Swinburne, Nicola H. M.; Tarduno, John A.; van Waasbergen, Robert J. (1992): Site 866. Texas A & M University, Ocean Drilling Program, College Station, TX, United States, In: Sager, William W., Winterer, Edward L., Firth, John V., Arnaud, Hubert M., Baker, Peter E., Baudin, Francois, Bralower, Timothy J., Castillo, Paterno R., Cooper, Patricia Ann, Flood, Peter G., Golovchenko, Xenia, Iryu, Yasufumi, Ivanov, Mikhail K., Jenkyns, Hugh C., Kenter, Jeroen A. M., Murdmaa, Ivar O., Mutterlose, Joerg, Nogi, Yoshifumi, Paull, Charles K., Polgreen, Evelyn, Roehl, Ursula, Sliter, William V., Strasser, Andre, Swinburne, Nicola H. M., Tarduno, John A., van Waasbergen, Robert J., Stewart, Sondra K. (editor), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program; initial reports, Northwest Pacific atolls and guyots; covering Leg 143 of the cruises of the drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution, Honolulu, Hawaii, to Majuro, Republic of Marshall Islands, sites 865-870, 18 March-19 May 1992, 143, 181-271, georefid:1998-052900

West: 174.1850 East: 174.1853 North: 21.1958 South: 21.1957
Expedition: 134
Expedition: 143
Site: 143-866
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