Jenden, Peter D.; Gieskes, Joris M. (1983): Chemical and isotopic composition of interstitial water from Deep Sea Drilling Project sites 533 and 534. Texas A & M University, Ocean Drilling Program, College Station, TX, United States, In: Sheridan, Robert E., Gradstein, Felix M., Barnard, Leo A., Bliefnick, Deborah M., Habib, Daniel, Jenden, Peter D., Kagami, Hideo, Keenan, Everly, Kostecki, John, Kvenvolden, Keith A., Moullade, Michel, Ogg, James G., Robertson, Alastair H. F., Roth, Peter H., Shipley, Thomas H., Bowdler, Jay L., Cotillon, Pierre H., Halley, Robert B., Kinoshita, Hajimu, Patton, James W., Pisciotto, Kenneth A., Premoli-Silva, Isabella, Testarmata, Margaret M., Watkins, David K., Orlofsky, Susan (editor), Initial reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project covering Leg 76 of the cruises of the drilling vessel Glomar Challenger, Norfolk, Virginia to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, October-December, 1980, 76, 453-461, georefid:1984-030551

West: -75.2300 East: -74.5200 North: 31.1500 South: 28.2000
Expedition: 76
Site: 76-533
Site: 76-534
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