Cornford, C. (1979): Organic petrography of Lower Cretaceous shales at DSDP Leg 47B Site 398, Vigo Seamount, eastern North Atlantic. Texas A & M University, Ocean Drilling Program, College Station, TX, United States, In: Laughter, F. H. (editor), Fagerberg, E. M. (editor), Sibuet, J. C., Ryan, W. B. F., Arthur, M. A., Barnes, R. O., Habib, D., Iaccarino, S., Johnson, D., Lopatin, B., Maldonado, A., Moore, D. G., Morgan, G. E., Rehault, J. P., Sigal, J., Williams, C. A., Leg 47, Part 2 of the cruises of the drilling vessel Glomar Challenger, Vigo, Spain to Brest, France; April-May 1976, 47, Part 2, 523-527, georefid:1980-017122

West: -11.3000 East: -10.0000 North: 41.3000 South: 40.0000
Expedition: 47
Site: 47-398
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