Margolis, S. V. (1975): Paleoglacial history of Antarctica inferred from analysis of Leg 29 sediments by scanning-electron microscopy. Texas A & M University, Ocean Drilling Program, College Station, TX, United States, Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project, 29 (Lyttleton, N. Z. to Wellington, N. Z.; March-April 1973), 1039-1048, georefid:1976-016983

One of the major goals of Leg 29 was to extend our knowledge of the history of Antarctic glaciations by a study of the occurrence of ice-rafted sediments contained in subantarctic deep-sea cores. In previous studies of this nature, scanning-electron microscopy (SEM) was used to identify quartz grains of glacial origin contained in Eltanin cores of Eocene and Oligocene age from the southeastern Pacific sector of the Southern Ocean. The oldest evidence of ice-rafted sediments from the southeastern sector of the Indian Ocean (the area covered by Leg 29) had been described as being of Late Miocene-Early Pliocene age. The presence had been noted of ice-rafted debris of Early and Middle Cenozoic age, recovered during DSDP Leg 28; however, there is a strong possibility that this material may have been sucked into the drill string from the sea floor and fallen down the pipe, to be included as contaminant in older sediments. Any conclusions concerning Leg 28 paleoglacial history will await the publication of their initial reports. It was anticipated that the sediments recovered during Leg 29 would contain a fairly complete record of the variations in amounts of ice-rafted sediments delived to this sector of the Southern Ocean from Antarctica during the Cenozoic and Late Mesozoic. (auth/EB)
West: -180.0000 East: 180.0000 North: -30.0000 South: -90.0000
West: NaN East: NaN North: NaN South: NaN
West: NaN East: NaN North: NaN South: NaN
West: NaN East: NaN North: NaN South: NaN
Expedition: 29
Site: 29-275
Site: 29-276
Site: 29-277
Site: 29-278
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Ice-rafted quartz grains appear in post-Miocene sediments, although Antarctic glaciation may have begun some time earlier
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