Bukry, J. David; Bramlette, M. N. (1969): Coccolith age determinations; Leg 1, Deep Sea Drilling Project. Texas A & M University, Ocean Drilling Program, College Station, TX, United States, In: Ewing, W. Maurice, Worzel, J. Lamar, Beall, Arthur O., Berggren, William A., Bukry, J. David, Burk, Creighton A., Fischer, Alfred G., Pessagno, Emile A., Jr., Initial reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project, covering Leg I of the cruises of the drilling vessel "Glomar Challenger", Orange, Texas to Hoboken, N.J., August-September 1968, 1, 369-387, georefid:1983-030920

West: -93.0000 East: -67.0000 North: 31.0000 South: 23.0000
Expedition: 1
Site: 1-1
Site: 1-2
Site: 1-3
Site: 1-4
Site: 1-5
Site: 1-6
Site: 1-7
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