Orcutt, Beth N.; Barco, Roman A.; Joye, Samantha B.; Edwards, Katrina J. (2012): Summary of carbon, nitrogen, and iron leaching characteristics and fluorescence properties of materials considered for subseafloor observatory assembly. IODP Management International, Washington, DC, United States, In: Edwards, Katrina J., Bach, Wolfgang, Klaus, Adam, Anderson, Louise, Backert, Nicolas, Becker, Keir, Griffin, Dale W., Haddad, Amanda G., Harigane, Yumiko, Hirayama, Hisako, Hulme, Samuel M., Jorgensen, Steffen Leth, Insua, Tania Lado, Le Campion, Paul, Mills, Heath J., Nakamura, Kentaro, Orcutt, Beth N., Park, Young-Soo, Rennie, Victoria, Rouxel, Olivier, Russel, Joseph A., Sakata, Kasumi, Salas, Everett C., Wang Fengping, Wheat, C. Geoffrey, Proceedings of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program; Mid-Atlantic Ridge microbiology; initiation of long-term coupled microbiological, geochemical, and hydrological experimentation within the seafloor at North Pond, western flank of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge; Expedition 336 of the riserless drilling platform; Bridgetown, Barbados, to Ponta Delgada, Azores (Portugal), Sites 395 and U1382-U1384, 16 September-16 November 2011, 336, georefid:2013-006057

To limit the potential for metal contamination in crustal subsurface borehole observatories, fiberglass and resin-coated steel pipe were used for the first time in scientific ocean drilling during Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) Expeditions 327 and 336. Here, we summarize the carbon, nitrogen, and iron leaching characteristics of the various materials used and considered for the observatory construction, as these substrates may potentially induce or inhibit in situ microbial growth. We also report on the fluorescence properties of several dopes and sealants used in observatory construction, as these may interfere with DNA-based fluorescence observations on observatory microbial colonization experiments.
West: -46.0700 East: -46.0000 North: 22.5000 South: 22.4400
Expedition: 336
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