Koppers, Anthony A. P.; Sano, Takashi; Natland, James H.; Widdowson, Mike; Almeev, Renat; Greene, Andrew R.; Murphy, David T.; Delacour, Adelie; Miyoshi, Masaya; Shimizu, Kenji; Hirano, Naoto; Geldmacher, Joerg; Li Sanzhong; Sager, William W.; Iturrino, Gerardo; Evans, Helen; Ando, Atsushi; Carvallo, Claire; Harris, Amber C.; Herrmann, Sandra; Heydolph, Ken; Ishikawa, Akira; Kang, Moo-Hee; Littler, Kate; Mahoney, John; Matsubara, Noritaka; Ooga, Masahiro; Prytulak, Julie; Tominaga, Masako; Woodard, Stella C. (2010): Massive basalt flows on the southern flank of Tamu Massif, Shatsky Rise; a reappraisal of ODP Site 1213 basement units. IODP Management International, Washington, DC, United States, In: Sager, William W., Sano, Takashi, Geldmacher, Joerg, Iturrino, Gerardo, Evans, Helen, Almeev, Renat, Ando, Atsushi, Carvallo, Claire, Delacour, Adelie, Greene, Andrew R., Harris, Amber C., Herrmann, Sandra, Heydolph, Ken, Hirano, Naoto, Ishikawa, Akira, Kang, Moo-Hee, Koppers, Anthony A. P., Li Sanzhong, Littler, Kate, Mahoney, John, Matsubara, Noritaka, Miyoshi, Masaya, Murphy, David T., Natland, James H., Ooga, Masahiro, Prytulak, Julie, Shimizu, Kenji, Tominaga, Masako, Widdowson, Mike, Woodard, Stella C., Proceedings of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program; Shatsky Rise formation; Expedition 324 of the riserless drilling platform; Yokohama, Japan, to Townsville, Australia; Sites U1346-U1350; 4 September-3 November 2009, 324, georefid:2010-100932

Drilling during Ocean Drilling Program Leg 198 at Site 1213 recovered three massive basalt units (8-15 m thick) from the southern flank of Tamu Massif at Shatsky Rise. Originally, these igneous units were interpreted to represent three diabase sills. During Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Expedition 324, this core was redescribed leading to the new conclusion that these diabase units represent three submarine massive basalt flows. These massive submarine flows were probably emplaced as inflated compound sheet flows during eruptions similar to those in large oceanic plateaus and continental flood basalts.
West: 157.1800 East: 157.1800 North: 31.3500 South: 31.3500
Expedition: 198
Site: 198-1213
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