Pierre, Catherine; Blanc-Valleron, Marie-Madeleine; Rouchy, Jean-Marie; Bartier, Daniele (2009): Data report; Stable isotope composition of authigenic carbonates from the northern Cascadia Margin, IODP Expedition 311, Sites U1325-U1329. IODP Management International, Washington, DC, United States, In: Riedel, Michael, Collett, Timothy S., Malone, Mitchell J., Guerin, Gilles, Akiba, Fumio, Blanc-Valleron, Marie-Madeleine, Ellis, Michelle, Hashimoto, Yoshitaka, Heuer, Verena, Higashi, Yosuke, Holland, Melanie, Jackson, Peter D., Kaneko, Masanori, Kastner, Miriam, Kim, Ji-Hoon, Kitajima, Hiroko, Long, Philip E., Malinverno, Alberto, Myers, Greg, Palekar, Leena D., Pohlman, John, Schultheiss, Peter, Teichert, Barbara, Torres, Marta E., Trehu, Anne M., Wang Jiasheng, Wortmann, Ulrich G., Yoshioka, Hideyoshi, Proceedings of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program; Cascadia margin gas hydrates; Expedition 311 of the riserless drilling platform; Balboa, Panama, to Victoria, British Columbia (Canada); Sites U1325-U1329, 28 August-28 October 2005, 311, georefid:2009-052715

This report presents the oxygen and carbon stable isotope data obtained on selected authigenic carbonate occurrences from the sediments recovered from five Integrated Ocean Drilling Program sites (U1325-U1329) across the accretionary prism offshore Vancouver Island, where the base of gas hydrate stability zone lies between 124 and 260 meters below seafloor. The two main objectives of this study were to determine if there exists a difference of isotopic compositions between the different sites and to characterize the isotopic signals that might be associated with the presence of gas hydrate at depth.
West: -127.0300 East: -126.4100 North: 48.4700 South: 48.3800
Expedition: 311
Site: 311-U1325
Site: 311-U1326
Site: 311-U1327
Site: 311-U1328
Site: 311-U1329
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