Hashimoto, Yoshitaka; Minamizawa, Satomi (2009): Data report; Quantitative analysis of grain size distribution for coarse sediments in an accretionary prism; an example from the Cascadia accretionary prism. IODP Management International, Washington, DC, United States, In: Riedel, Michael, Collett, Timothy S., Malone, Mitchell J., Guerin, Gilles, Akiba, Fumio, Blanc-Valleron, Marie-Madeleine, Ellis, Michele, Hashimoto, Yoshitaka, Heuer, Verena, Higashi, Yosuke, Holland, Melanie, Jackson, Peter D., Kaneko, Masanori, Kastner, Miriam, Kim, Ji-Hoon, Kitajima, Hiroko, Long, Philip E., Malinverno, Alberto, Myers, Greg, Palekar, Leena D., Pohlman, John, Schultheiss, Peter, Teichert, Barbara, Torres, Marta E., Trehu, Anne M., Wang Jiasheng, Wortmann, Ulrich G., Yoshioka, Hideyoshi, Proceedings of the Integrated Drilling Program; Cascadia Margin gas hydrates; Expedition 311 of the riserless drilling platform; Balboa, Panama, to Victoria, British Columbia (Canada); Sites U1325-U1329; 28 August-28 October 2005, 311, 1-14, georefid:2011-022457

Grain size distributions of coarse sediments from a shallow depth of an accretionary prism were examined by two-dimensional image analysis using thin sections. The analyzed samples were obtained during Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) Expedition 311. Statistical parameters such as kurtosis, skewness, and correlation coefficients of exponential and power functions show no relationship with depth and porosity. There is an inverse relationship between the correlation coefficients of exponential and power functions, indicating that some grain size distributions can be classified. The correlations also relate to sediment textures. Samples with rounded and isolated grains have a higher correlation coefficient with the exponential function. Angular grains and a denser packing texture represent a lower correlation coefficient with the exponential function.
West: -127.0300 East: -126.4100 North: 48.4700 South: 48.3800
Expedition: 311
Site: 311-U1325
Site: 311-U1326
Site: 311-U1327
Site: 311-U1328
Site: 311-U1329
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