Zuehlsdorff, L.; Hutnak, Michael; Fisher, Andrew T.; Spiess, V.; Davis, Earl E.; Nedimovic, M.; Carbotte, S.; Villinger, H.; Becker, Keir (2004): Site surveys related to IODP Expedition 301; ImageFlux (S0149) and RetroFlux (TN116) expeditions and earlier studies. IODP Management International, Washington, DC, United States, In: Fisher, Andrew T., Urabe, Tetsuro, Klaus, Adam, Iturrino, Gerardo J., Bartetzko, Anne C. M., Becker, Keir, Coggon, Rosalind, Dumont, Marion, Engelen, Bert, Goto, Shusaku, Hawkins, Lisa, Heuer, Verena, Hulme, Samuel Mark, Hutnak, Michael, Inagaki, Fumio, Kiyokawa, Shoichi, Lever, Mark Alexander, Nakagawa, Satoshi, Nielsen, Mark Edward, Noguchi, Takuroh, Sager, William W., Sakaguchi, Masumi, Steinsbu, Bjorn Olav, Tsuji, Takeshi, Wheat, Charles Geoffrey, Rice, Jonathan, Proceedings of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program; Juan de Fuca hydrogeology; covering Expedition 301 of the riserless drilling platform from and to Astoria, Oregon (USA); Sites U1301 and 1026; 28 June-21 August 2004, 301, georefid:2007-101810

Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Expedition 301 was preceded during 2000 and 2002 by three surveys that helped to delineate seafloor and basement relief, sediment thickness, and the nature of ridge-flank hydrothermal conditions and processes on the eastern flank of the Juan de Fuca Ridge. These surveys generated swath map, seismic, and thermal data used to select locations for primary and secondary drilling targets, building from several decades of earlier work. We show compilations and examples of data from several characteristic settings in and around the Expedition 301 work area and use these observations to evaluate sedimentation patterns and thermal conditions in basement. There remain important unanswered questions in this area concerning fluid circulation within the upper oceanic crust, the magnitude of lithospheric heat input, the quantitative significance of advective heat loss from the crust, and relations between basement relief, sedimentation, and sediment alteration. These questions may be resolved through collection of a modest amount of additional data focusing on a few critical locations.
West: -127.4600 East: -127.4500 North: 47.4600 South: 47.4500
Expedition: 301
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