Kanamatsu, Toshiya; Stein, Ruediger; Zarikian, Carlos A. Alvarez; Higgins, Sean M.; Aboudeshish, Essam; Acton, Gary D.; Akimoto, Kazumi; Bailey, Ian; Bjorklund, Kjell R.; Evans, Helen; Fang Nianqiao; Ferretti, Patrizia; Gruetzner, Jens; Guyodo, Yohan J. B.; Hatakeda, Kentaro; Harris, Robert; Hagino, Kyoko; Hefter, Jens Norbert; Judge, Shelly A.; Kulhanek, Denise K.; Nanayama, Futoshi; Nielsen, Simon; Ohno, Masao; Rashid, Harunur; Sanchez, Francisco J. Sierro; Voelker, Antje; Zhai, Qiumin (2005): Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Expedition 306 preliminary report; North Atlantic Climate 2, ice sheet-ocean atmosphere interactions on millennial timescales during the late Neogene-Quaternary using a paleointensity-assisted chronology for the North Atlantic; documenting and monitoring bottom water temperature variations through time; installing a CORK at Site 642, Norwegian-Greenland Sea;, 2 March-25 April 2005. IODP Management International, College Station, TX, United States, Preliminary Report (Integrated Ocean Drilling Program), 306, 66 pp., georefid:2008-016934

The overall aim of the North Atlantic paleoceanography study of Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Expedition 306 is to place late Neogene-Quaternary climate proxies in the North Atlantic into a chronology based on a combination of geomagnetic paleointensity, stable isotope, and detrital layer stratigraphies, and in so doing, generate integrated North Atlantic millennial-scale stratigraphies for the last few million years. To reach this aim, complete sedimentary sections were drilled by multiple advanced piston coring directly south of the central Atlantic "ice-rafted debris belt" and on the southern Gardar Drift. In addition to the North Atlantic paleoceanography study, a borehole observatory was successfully installed in a new 170 m deep hole close to Ocean Drilling Program Site 642, consisting of a CORK (circulation obviation retrofit kit) to seal the borehole from the overlying ocean, a thermistor string, and a data logger to document and monitor bottom water temperature variations through time.
West: -33.0000 East: 2.5700 North: 67.0500 South: 41.0000
Expedition: 306
Site: 306-U1312
Site: 306-U1313
Site: 306-U1314
Site: 306-U1315
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