Herrero-Bervera, Emilio; Jovane, Luigi (2013): On the palaeomagnetic and rock magnetic constraints regarding the age of IODP 325 Hole M0058A. Geological Society of London, London, United Kingdom, Special Publication - Geological Society of London, 373, georefid:2013-043238

We have studied the rock magnetic and palaeomagnetic properties of a 41 m long core (Hole M0058A) recovering calcareous sediments located seaward of Noggin Reef, offshore Queensland, Australia to decipher the magnetostratigrapy of the site. We deployed 1 cm (super 3) samples at every 10 cm down-core and subsampled the core by means of U-channels in order to obtain a continuous record. Stepwise alternating field demagnetization from natural remanent magnetization to 80 mT showed that the characteristic remanent magnetization was isolated at low demagnetization fields between 0 and 15 mT. We conducted magnetic granulometry analyses and Curie point determinations. The low-field v. temperature analyses indicate the presence of Ti-poor magnetite with Curie points from 560 to 563 degrees C. Hysteresis loop experiments were performed. The results show M (sub rs) /M (sub s) and H (sub cr) /H (sub c) ratios corresponding to single domain to multi-domain and super-paramagnetic to single domain ranges. Both discrete and continuous inclination results indicate a remarkable correlation of three excursional inclinations occurring during intervals of low intensity of magnetization closely corresponding to the Laschamp (c. 41 ka), Skalamaelifell (c. 94 ka) and Blake (c. 115-120 ka) "aborted reversals," and indicate that the base of the core is much older than the Blake excursion.
West: 146.3521 East: 146.3521 North: -17.0550 South: -17.0550
Expedition: 325
Site: 325-M0058
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