Gladenkov, A. Yu. (2006): Cenozoic diatom zonation and its significance for stratigraphic correlations in the North Pacific. MAIK Nauka/Interperiodica Publishing, Birmingham, AL, United States, In: Maslova, N. P. (editor), Proceedings of the 11th All-Russia palynological conference, 40, Suppl. 5, S571-S583, georefid:2007-047676

The current state of the North Pacific Cenozoic diatom zonation is reviewed. The high resolution of diatom zonation is shown, which is comparable to that of groups of calcareous planktonic microfossils. The significance of diatom assemblages for the dating and correlation of various Tertiary marine sediments in the North Pacific is discussed. Recent examples of subdivision of the Oligocene-Neogene sequences of this region and dating of geological events on the zonal basis are given.
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